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Staying Hydrated

Water For When You're On The Move

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By: Editors, City Pup Life

     On hot days, having water for your pup when you are away from the house is extremely important. You don't have to spend a penny to keep your dog hydrated--just grab a bowl and refill a large bottle of water! If you want a pet specific product or one designed for travel, there are several great options whether you are out in the city or escaping the town for the beach, the mountains, or a nearby park. If it's hot, be sure your pup doesn't overheat and find plenty of shade if it's sunny. Dogs can suffer from heat stroke too, so on really hot days you'll need to limit outside time and be sure to keep your pup from getting too hot. 

     Portable water for pups come in two basic options. You can get a water bottle with a built in bowl or reservoir for your pup to drink from, or you can get a collapsible bowl and carry the water separately. The collapsable bowl works great if you'll be near a water source. They come in either waterproof fabric that folds up, or a flexible silicone material, which tends to have better waterproofing. Check out a few of the more popular options below!

Our Choice

Tuff Pupper PupFlask

     This stainless steel water bottle has a built in bowl for your pup and comes in two sizes, a 27 oz version and a 40 oz version. The larger size is a great option if you have a larger pup or just need to carry more water for longer walks. The drinking reservoir is made of silicone and flips down around the bottle when not in use so it's out of the way. There is an optional carrying case to accompany it.

Tuff Pupper PupFlask


  • Stainless Steel Bottle with built in bowl

  • Great for Trips Around The City

  • Optional Larger Size

  • Convenient Attached Bowl

Top Pick

Kurgo Gourd 2 in 1 Travel Water Bottle

     Kurgo travel water bottle comes in only one size and holds 24 oz. It is designed with a bowl that detaches from the base of the bottle. When it's not being used, the bottle slides into and attaches to the bowl. Like everything Kurgo does, this is made well and comes with their lifetime warranty. It is PVC/BPA Free and dishwasher safe too! We just wish they had more size options. 

Kurgo Gourd 2 in 1 Travel Water Bottle


  • Detachable Bowl

  • Durable, Lightweight Plastic

  • PVC/BPA Free

  • Dishwasher Safe


Ruff Products Bark Bowl

     There are a lot of options for collapsible water bowls, so find one in the size and color that works best! Be sure you'll have water available--you will either need to carry it separately or have place to fill it up, of course. These are our pick for travel when we need to save space/weight, like a camping trip. If size and weight aren't too important (like a car trip), it can be nice to have a more sturdy option. 

Ruff Products Bark Bowl


  • Our Favorite Collapsible Bowl

  • Great for Camping

  • Lightweight Travel

  • Anywhere Water Is Available to Refill 

Runner Up

lesotc Pet Water Bottle

     We love this bottle with a built in foldable bowl. When not in use, it folds down around the water bottle to save space. It has an 18 oz capacity and lightweight design, making it a great choice for short trips around the city. It doesn't come in a larger size unfortunately, so it's best for short outing when you just need a little water for your pup.

lesotc Pet Water Bottle


  • Built-in Flexible Bowl

  • Great for Short Excursions 

  • Lightweight, Durable Material 

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