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Martingale Collars

Updated: May 20, 2020

Martingale Collars are one of our favorite pieces of equipment. These simple collars are safe and effective, and they can be indispensable in keeping your dog secure.

Martingale collars are a limited slip collar--meaning they only tighten to a certain point. They have a loop in the collar that the leash attacks to, and when it pulls, the loop will pull the two sides of the collar together to tighten it. It’s easier to understand how that works by looking at the photos above.

For example, the collar might fit at 16 inches when loose, but when pulled it would tighten to around 14 inches (but not tighter).

As you can see from the photo above on the right, it only tightens to a certain size, unlike a choke collar that will continue to tighten. If fitted properly, a martingale collar will tighten to a snug fit but it won’t choke your dog.

If you prefer your dog’s collar to fit looser, or if your pup has a smaller head, a Martingale Collar can be a great option. Originally designed for breeds like greyhounds (with small heads) so that the collar can be worn comfortably but will tighten when it needs to be tight. It should be tight enough to prevent your dog from slipping their collar.

These are also very useful for dogs that try to back out of their collar. If your dog starts to pull away, it should tighten enough so that the collar will not slip over your pup's head.

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