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Basic Harnesses

Finding the right harness can feel a bit more confusing than at first. But once you get through the basic options, it’s really pretty simple. If you’re looking for something cute for you pup, we have rounded up some of our favorites.

Note that if your dog is giving you problems pulling on the leash, then you'll want to check out our guide for Equipment To Stop Pulling. The harnesses here usually are not great picks if your pup pulls hard on walks since they clip on the back--this acts as almost a sled-hookup, giving your dog even more leverage to pull.

Harnesses For General Use

If you have a pup that is easy to walk and you don’t need to correct behavior or gain more control, then there are plenty of stylish, well-made harnesses to choose from. The most important consideration is usually fit--you just want to be sure your harness fits your dog well enough that they can’t escape if something goes wrong. Keep in mind that most harnesses are not completely escape proof, but some will fit your dog better than others. Even if your pup is well behaved, a disturbance such as an interaction with another dog, a loud backfiring engine, or other commotion, dogs can slip most collars or harnesses if you're not quick to stop them.

A couple of the most popular styles (based on our client’s usage) are slip on harnesses or step-in harnesses. These are relatively easy to use (although getting them on can feel like an adventure sometimes) and comfortable for your pup.

Over the Head

The Puppia Soft Harness is one of the most popular styles we see. They tend to fit most dogs securely. The harness slips over the dog’s head and buckles around the belly. The only problem we see is that many pups don't like these to be slipped over their heads. To ease them into the harness, try placing a treat just through the head opening and allow them to make the choice to come through for it. Most dogs will eventually come forward for the treat, basically slipping into the harness without issue, and it tends to get easier over time. For others, harnessing them up can become a bit of a game. Other brands make similarly designed products too, so shop around and find the one that fits your style!

Step-In Harness

The next most popular style is a simple step in harness that clips on the back. Many of these have a clip on both ends of the buckle that acts as a safety backup. While they usually don't cause your dog to recoil from having it slipped on, they can be a bit of a hassle to get both legs through. Numerous brands make this style, so find one that works well for you. There are fabric styles like the PUPPIA Soft Harness C, or strap versions like the LupinePet Step In Harness. There are many more if these don’t fit your needs!

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