Welcoming A New Pup

Bringing a new pup home is always a bit of a challenge, and doing it in a city can be even more so. A little preparation goes a long way, and knowing what gear and tools to turn to is the first step in beigng prepared!


Are you thinking about bringing home a new dog? Every pup, home, and situation is different, but we've compiled a few tips to help out anyone who is brining home a pup for the first time. If this isn't your first pup but you're experiencing problems for the first time, this might also help. Let us know if you have any additional advice you would like to see here! 

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Crate training usually requires a bit more effort than just plopping your pup into it when you run out of the house. Here, we discuss tips for choosing the right crate and for effective crate training. 


Harnesses work great for most dogs, but it's important to choose one that works for yours. There are a lot of misconceptions about which harnesses work best if you are having trouble on walks, how to properly fit them, and how to guide your pup with them. You may need to turn to an in-person trainer, but these tips might help. If not, then at least you'll know it's time to seek out more help! 



More Tips For New Pups