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Keep An Eye On Your Pup When You're Away

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By City Pup Life

     Home cameras are smaller, more affordable, and more high-tech than ever, making it easy to keep an eye on your pups while you're stuck at the office or away from the house. Some pet-designed models even have built in treat dispensers and allow you to speak to your dog. While we find that not all dogs respond to voice over the speakers, it's a nice touch for those who do. 

Designed For Dogs

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera has become ubiquitious at pet homes across teh country. Whether these cameras are "worth it" depends on who you ask, but they are certainly popular. They allow you to turn the camera remotely, dispsene treats, and talk to your pet--all from your phone.

Furbo Dog Camera

The Home Camera Designed For Your Dog



  • Pet-Designed Camera

  • Dispenses Treats

  • Speaker for Speak-Through Feature

Smart Camera

Nest Camera

     The Nest Camera provides a smart option for monitoring not just your pup, but your whole home. These cameras come in both indoor and outdoor models so you can keep watch on the area around your house too. They include 4k sensors, built in processors, and more. Its software can identify the people in the frame too. The downside? These aren't the cheapest options, and they aren't the easiest to install.

Nest Camera

Powerful Home Security

Best for: 

  • General Home Security

  • Monitoring Home and Pet

Budget Pick

KAMTRON Home Camera

     The KAMTRON Home Camera is popular and budget friendly. This camera is easy to set up and connects to wifi for remote monitoring, and you can control it's motion to rotate it and move it up and down. It also has motion detection and infrared, so it's packed full of features for it's price.

KAMTRON Home Camera

A Budget Friendly Home Camera

Best for: 

  • Ease of Setup And Use

  • Budget Friendly

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