Getting the right gear can make the difference in a frustrating day and a successful one. Many times, our clients just aren't aware of all the options that are available, or they may be unsure how to use something properly. Here, we'll be discussing various equipment in detail so that you'll be confident in choosing and using it! 

This is a simple but comprehensive introduction to various types of basic equipment to provide a rundown on options for leashes, collars, harnesses, and head halters. 

A post focusing on equipment to help with pulling on leash. You may need to turn to a local trainer if you continue to have difficulty, but these tips might help with basic issues. 

Crate training usually requires a bit more effort than just plopping your pup into it when you run out of the house. Here, we discuss tips for choosing the right crate and for effective crate training. 

It's important to keep both your pup and your home safe, which can feel especially difficult in cramped city apartments. The right home setup can go a long ways in keeping you sane and safe. 



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