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By City Pup Life

Many dogs may never need a jacket, and in fact many pet parents laugh at even the idea of putting a jacket on their dog. But jackets are an important accessory for many dogs, especially smaller breeds, those with short hair, or older and sick dogs. And if extended cold weather adventures are in your plans, then many dogs may need a bit of extra warmth. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and many are designed for specific breads for a better fit. 

Keep in mind there are other winter accessories you may need, especially for city life. 

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Our Choice

Kurgo Dog Jacket

Kurgo makes one of our favorite dog jackets. This jacket fits well and has a secure velcro strap that actually holds in place (mostly, at least, depending on your dog's activity level). It's water resistant and designed to be warm and light. It's also reversible and comes in a variety of great color combinations. The top zipper can be opened to clip into a harness too, which is a very useful feature.

Kurgo Dog Jacket


  • High Quality

  • Zipper Opening To Clip Into Harness

  • Reversible 


Orvis Quilted Waxed Cotton Dog Jacket

     Orvis is another one of our favorite manufactures for high-quality pet gear. Although better known for their outdoor gear, particularly for fishing, they make great pet products. This quilted dog jacket fits well and is designed to last, and it's based on one of their most popular mens' and women's jackets (so, you could match! ha!). It's a great build and material. Our only issue we have with our clients dogs is that it doesn't allow you to easily clip into a harness while using it. 

Orvis Quilted Waxed Cotton

Dog Jacket

Best For:

  • Luxury SUV Choice

  • High-Quality Design


Voyagers K9 Apparel Greyhound Winter Coat

Designed specifically for greyhounds, the Voyagers K9 Apparel Greyhound Winter Coat fits well and has a thick, fleece neck. We have clients who absolutely swear by these, and a couple of them are lifelong greyhound lovers. This jacket has a slimmer fit designed specifically for greyhounds, and the thick fleece neck bunches up and seems to really help keep them warm. We've spent time out with pups in blizzards, and despite their colder nature and shorter fur, the dogs seemed completely comfortable. 

If you're looking for something more affordable or for infrequent use, this Morezi coat might work well. 

Greyhound Jacket.jpg

Voyagers K9 Apparel Greyhound Winter Coat

Best For:

  • Designed Specifically For Greyhounds

  • Slim Fit

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