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By City Pup Life

     Having a great dog bed that your pup loves can help save your own furniture. Your dog is likely to still want snuggles on the couch, but giving them their own bed will give them a place they consider their own for them to use when they need to take a break. 


     There are many different designs to choose from, and this is one of those categories that we can just scratch the surface for in a post like this, so be sure to research the options and even consider stopping into a local pet store to buy one in person.

Choosing The Right Bed

     To get started sorting through all the options, consider what you need the bed for. If it's for a crate, a simple mat-style bed works best for a number of reasons. They are more affordable, which is great if you're still house training (even though they are washable, there's really only so many times you can expect them to last for). It's also easy to find in the same size as your crate, which keeps them in place for your dog.


     If you're looking for a comfortable bed for out of the crate, then you have a lot of options. Pay attention to whether your dog likes to curl up on a fluffy down comforter or prefers more firm places to lie down. If they like to curl up against something, then a bed with bolstered sides or a sofa-style bed might work well. No matter what your pup likes, there are a lot of beds out there so you should be able to find one to blend well with your personal style too!

Our Choice

Friends Forever Orthopedic Bed

     The Friends Forever Orthopedic Bed is an all around great pick for most dogs. It has a combination of foams with both memory foam and supportive foam to provide long term comfort and support. It comes in several sizes that works for most dogs and spaces, and their larger sizes even accommodate most large breeds. Many dogs prefer a sofa-style bed so they have something to curl up against too. The cover zips off and is machine washable, so it's easy to keep clean in case your dog makes a mess or sheds a lot.

Friends Forever Orthopedic Bed

Sofa-Style Memory Foam Dog Bed


  • Removable, washable cover

  • Variety of sizes for all dogs

  • Replacement Cover Available

Luxury Pick

Orvis Memory Foam Couch

     Orvis manufactures high-quality outdoor gear, and they also make dog beds and other pet products that we love. We've seen various Orvis beds in a lot of our clients homes, and feedback has been great. 


     This couch-style bed is well made and comes in several sizes, even accommodating dogs as large as 90 pounds. You can even personalize these if you order directly from Orvis, which we think is a nice touch. This particular bed is for larger dogs, and Orvis makes a lot of other high-quality styles so you're bound to find one that suits you and your pup.

Orvis Memory Foam Couch

High Quality Couch-Style Bed

Best for: 

  • Luxury Style and Comfort

  • Quality, Long-Lasting Build

  • Option To Personalize

For Crates

MidWest Homes For Pets Quiet Time Beds

     This MidWest Homes For Pets Quietime Bed is our top pick for a standard, pad-style ped. It works great in crates and is plush and comfortable. It's easy to clean too, whichis important for crate use. The entire bed is machine washable, which means no need to hassle with zipping a cover off and on, and the padded material will get cleaned too. Of course, this is better suited for a front-loading machine and might not fit smaller top-loading washers well. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors. 

MidWest Homes For Pets Quiet Time Beds

Plush, Soft Mat-Style Bed


Best for: 

  • Use in Crates

  • Fully Washable

Furhaven Bed


     This Furhaven Chaise-Style Bed is a great pick since it balances price and quality. It's difficult to find a comparable bed at a similar price! It comes in a variety of sizes, and the largest will accommodate dogs up to even 125 pounds! Depending on the size of the bed, it has 3 to 5 inches of foam for cushion, to providing a cozy spot for your pup.

Furhaven Bed

Chaise-Style Bed with Bolster Sides


  • Bolstered Sides

  • Washable Cover

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