City Tips

Having a pup as a furry family member is great, but in the city it does come with a few challenges. From where to turn to for help, to puppy-proofing your home, we have a few ideas that might help make city life a little easier for your dog. 




If you're new to city pup life, we have put together some basic tips and resources to give you a leg up. A little work in advance can save a lot of trouble for both you and your pup! We dig into many of these topics in more detail in other articles too. 


Dog parks can be a fun, social place for you and your pup and allow them to burn off some energy, especially since there isn't as much space for them to run in the city. There are some things to know if you're new to dog parks, and it's important for everyone to be responsible and safe! 

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It's important to keep both your pup and your home safe, and this can feel especially difficult in cramped city apartments. The right home setup can go a long ways in keeping you sane and safe. 

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Cities also provide many resources for you and your pup. From having trainers on hand to getting social with your dog, cities can be a great place to have a pup as a furry family member. 

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